Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the signed copy of the Code of Conduct mailed to the Association?

The Association is sometimes contacted by fire departments and police services to validate the formal commitment of a particular fire photographer. Archived signed copies therefore allow the Association to respond to such requests accordingly.

Does the Association supply fire photographers with an identification card?

No. The Association does not issue identification cards. The role of the Association is to define the Code of Conduct, which you can use to improve your relationships with your local department, with whom you can determine a proper on-site identification method.

Does the Association supply fire photographers with a member number (or any other resource) following the mailing of a signed copy of the Code of Conduct?

No. The Association does not issue member numbers, returns nothing and does not respond to the reception of signed copies of the Code of Conduct. Your signed copy is simply archived by the Association, as a reference in case it is contacted by an emergency service to confirm your formal commitment.

Does the Association supply fire photographers with security patch or a fire bunker (turnout gear)?

No. The Association does not supply security patches or turnout gear. It is your responsibility to equip yourself so to respect your own commitment to the Code of Conduct and to the directives of your local fire department.

What is the use of committing to the Association's Code of Conduct if no resource is provided in return?

In fire photography, good relations with fire departments and police services are essential. To establish such relations, it is vital to show your dedication and your will to observe the specificities of the field. The very fact of personally committing to adhere to the code of conduct of a national association is in itself an outstanding way of showcasing your level of professionalism and dedication. The Code of Conduct is a strategic tool in the area of fire photography.

Are there any costs to adhere to the Code of Conduct?

No. Your personal commitment to respect the Association's Code of Conduct is entirely free of charge.

What happened to AQSPI's ethics charter and accreditation process?

The AQSPI's accreditation process that was active for the past few years was relatively heavy, for the photographers and for the association (operated by simple volunteers). The charter and the accreditation process have therefore been transformed so to recenter on the essence of the association's mission: provide a tool to fire photographers to allow them to strengthen their relationships with emergency services.

Do fire photographers that were previously accredited need to sign a new copy of the Code of Conduct?

The enactments of the new Code are not identical to the previous Charter. You must therefore fill out, sign and mail a new copy of the Code if you wish to declare yourself Signatory of the Quebec Fire Photographers Code of Conduct (which is now free). You may however continue to use the term accredited member until the expiration of your accreditation.

Why does the Code of Conduct go into such fine-grained details about the majority of expected behaviors on an incident scene?

The quantity of pernickety restrictions (for example to specify which side of the road you should park your car) might seem exaggerated to many new fire photographers. However, it must be understood that this Code allows fire departments to know precisely what to expect from individuals that commit to this Code. Hence they can grant permissions more easily because they know that the fire photographer is already aware of good practices that must be adopted to avoid impeding on the work of emergency personnel.

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