02 - Laws

Quebec Fire Photographers
Code of Conduct

Article 02: Legislation

  1. The work of fire photography is governed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, particularly the second article which guarantees to everyone the freedom of expression.
  2. The photographer respects and upholds this fundamental right in our society.
  3. The fire photographer respects and upholds the Laws of Intellectual Property that protects him as an author.
  4. The photographer commits to perform its work with a social and fiscal status that meets the requirements of the law.
  5. The photographer respects the laws and regulations in effect, such as the Highway Safety Code and the Law on Fire Safety.
  6. If the photographer is paid by the fire department and by that fact, or a through a special explicit agreement, the ownership of the photographs belongs to the department, the fire photographer must have a formal written agreement with the department which defines the parameters of usage of such photographs. Without such agreement, photographs that fall into the category described here are the property of the fire department and cannot be published.
  7. The fire photographer declares being 18 years of age or older at the time he/she is signing the present Code of Conduct.


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