06 - Uniform

Quebec Fire Photographers
Code of Conduct

Article 06: Uniform

  1. To enter a fire operation perimeter, the fire photographer must wear a full turnout gear (bunker) with proper equipment (helmet, shield, boots, gloves, etc.). Fire photographers are therefore better protected on emergency sites and meet the NFPA and CSST requirements. Before arriving at an emergency incident with a bunker, each photographer must validate with his local fire department director if he can indeed wear a bunker in the presence of that department.
  2. When the fire photographer has a fire bunker, he must wear it systematically, with all the required equipment and in full conformance with regulations during all emergency responses where firefighters are also in full turnout gear. An authorized ID vest (see following paragraphs) must also be worn on top of the turnout gear, as to easily distinguish the photographer from firefighters. It is also prohibited to wear a white, red or blue helmet, as these colors have special meaning in fire departments.
  3. During the summer when the temperature is very high, fire photographers are allowed to remove some pieces of their turnout gear if the officer in charge explicitly authorizes it to prevent heat strokes. The Association recommends to fire departments that they supply fire photographers with drinkable (bottled) water when turnout gear is used during the summer, acknowledging that fire photographers are also susceptible to heat strokes.
  4. The fire photographer must always wear an ID vest, wether he is wearing turnout gear or not, so as to make him visible and identifiable. The vest must be approved by the local fire department.
  5. The fire photographer working on the site of a traffic accident or in proximity of moving civil motor vehicles must always wear an approved reflective piece of clothing: turnout gear, approved ID vest or safety vest. Any photographer that is not wearing this kind of reflective clothing can be expelled from the scene by the fire department of police service.


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