07 - Vehicle

Quebec Fire Photographers
Code of Conduct

Article 07: Vehicle

  1. The fire photographer must follow the Highway Safety Laws.
  2. The fire photographer will safely yield to any approaching emergency vehicle running in emergency mode. The action of yielding must be performed well in advance, and not at the very last moment, because emergency vehicle operators must have enough time to foresee the movement of vehicles in front of him.
  3. The fire photographer will pay particular attention to his approach method and the place where he parks his vehicle:
    • Building fire:
      • Park far enough from the site
      • Locate fire hydrant, and park on the opposite side of the street
      • Locate which side of the road is used by tankers, and park on the opposite side of the street
      • Avoid parking under power lines that connect to the building involved
    • Vehicle fire:
      • Park far enough from the site
    • Hazardous materials and gas leaks:
      • Listen by radio the approach instructions given by the C.O.
      • Determine the wind direction BEFORE arriving on site
      • Approach the site under the wind
      • Park far enough from the site
    • Vehicle extrications and accidents:
      • Park far enough from the site
      • Park on a side of the street which will allow free movement of ambulances and other emergency vehicles
      • Never park behind the last emergency vehicle with lights on (which serves as the site's first line of protection)
      • Highways and one-way streets: if possible safely, park past the accident
  4. If the fire photographer uses an emergency vehicle provided by the fire department, he will comply with all rules and regulations that relate to the use of that vehicle, and will hold an appropriate driving permit.


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