Refining the definition of fire photography

Fire photographers are encouraged to help refining the definition of fire photography by contributing to the Wikipedia page on Fire photography.

Submit quotes from emergency personnel in favor of fire photography

To enhance the image of fire photography, the Association invites fire photographers to submit quotes from emergency personnel which talk favorably about fire photography. These quotes can be sent by e-mail to and must comply with these requirements:

  • have the full name, rank and full name of the emergency service of the quoted person
  • have the explicit consent of the quoted person for the Association to publish the quote and source identification on its sites (indicate how the consent was given to you: in person, by phone, by e-mail, in written form, etc.) and to allow the Association to edit the quoted text for reasons of readability, brevity and/or linguistical corrections.

See the "Responders" page for quotes we have already received.

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