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Quebec Fire Photographers Association (QFPA)

The Quebec Fire Photographers Association (QFPA) groups fire photography professionals, experts and amateurs in Quebec (Canada). The primary goal of the Association is to define and promote the Quebec Fire Photographers Code of Conduct as a tool to favor collaboration between fire photographers and emergency services.


The Association was founded in June 2004 by M. Sylvain Pedneault, professional fire photographer (see profile on, official fire photographer for the St.Hyacinthe City Fire Department and 13 other local departments, and Captain for the St.Dominique Fire Department.

In 2005, the Association established a partnership with the Quebec Federation of Firefighters (FQISI) to allow fire photographers to benefit from a risk insurance policy valid within safety perimeters.

In 2007, the Association formed an Ethics Council: M. Pascal Gatien (chief of operations, St.Hyacinthe City Fire Department), Ms Christine Bourgeois (firefighter, Varennes Fire Department), M. Sébastien Robitaille (firefighter, Valleyfield Fire Department), Ms Sophie Provost (fire photographer, St.Remi Fire Department), and M. Sylvain Pedneault (fire photographer, St.Hyacinthe City Fire Department).

In 2009, the Association performed a major reorganizing of its activities to ensure its durability. Its deontology charter was revised (now entitled Code of Conduct) and the accreditation process was simplified (now a simple voluntary submission). A new partnership as also been established with the International Organization of Fire Photographers (IOFP)


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